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I grew up in a house of storytelling. My father told some amazing whoppers, and my maternal grandfather had a series of stories he told us about various characters. As a result of engaging with stories from my youth, I caught the bug and have been a writer and storyteller since I was a young child.

Family and interpersonal connections are deeply important to me. We all have our struggles and pain, some of them caused by those we love the most. My empathy for those struggling in difficult relationships sparks my imagination for establishing boundaries and finding satisfying solutions.

My goal is to tackle relevant issues to bring hope, inspiration, and entertainment through my characters and their lives.

My stories provide characters who can do things that you would never do yourself, but sometimes want to. They have resources that you wish for. It all comes alive as the stories unfold to uplift and encourage you to reach for your own dreams.

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my life. My husband and I currently make our home in sight of the Salish Sea with our three children and three grandchildren close by.

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